Hello, I'm Alicia, I'm 19 and from a little town in Essex (some of you might have heard of it, Clacton? or not) and welcome to this little space on the internet I like to call my blog, 'Bambi Dreaming'. 

I'm a second year student at the University of Essex, reading International Relations (a bit like Politics, for those who have no idea what it is about). When I'm not at university, I am probably working in a fashion retail shop in town, or baking or trying to do something productive. 

My other interests include beauty, travelling, reading, fashion and cooking. One day I hope to visit as many different countries as possible. 


When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2014 probably after many failed attempts, horrible photography and no idea of what to write about. In December 2014 I decided to start this blog after finding blogs that I was interested in over on Twitter. 

What is your skin type?

My skin type is definitely oily to combination. 

What is your hair type? 

After only experimenting with my hair once (I went for that blonde ended dip dyed effect) and have never dyed my hair since. My hair is mid length and has the tendency to be quite oily, if I don't wash it every other day. 

You can find my contact details here!

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