Wednesday, 4 January 2017


It's been a hella long time since I wrote one of these posts, actually it was a year ago when I blogging about the 50 Things the Make me Happy, so the reality is that I need to do an updated post.

Okay let's do this!

1. I'm an only child, and as much as I would have loved a sibling, being an only child has many benefits as well. 

2. I have been to Disneyland Paris twice; once in the nineties and once in the early 2000's 

3. I passed my driving test on the second time 

4. I love West End/Broadway Shows; 15 West End & 2 Broadway 

5. I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was born, but originally the doctors thought it was a hole in the heart 

6. Last year I went to New York, and honestly it lived right up to my expectations 

7. I have seen Justin Bieber live 6 times (soon to be 8 in June/July) 

8.  I love going to concerts and have been to 17 concerts since 2011 

9. I was supposed to study Economics at university but didn't get the grades 

10. Studying International Relations at Essex University 

11. I spent my first year of University on campus, but living at home for my second year 

12. I once come 2nd in a Dance Competition 

13.  I once started a blog back in 2013 and it was horrendous 

14. I done Ballet from the age of 3, but gave up when I was 13 

15. I once performed in a Ballet at Chelmsford with professional ballet dancers 

16. My first car is silver/grey Corsa, and although it may only be a 1 litre I still love it 

17. I have known my best friend since I was 4

18. I've met Justin Bieber twice and Lawson once 

19. My first holiday 'romance' was when I was 5 in Majorca and all I can remember is sharing skittles in the playgroud and sharing a cute little kiss, and that's all. 

20. Venice is one of my favourite cities in the world 

21. I once wanted to be a graphic designer, then wanted to work for Vogue, then become a professional dancer and I also wanted to become an actress. I had big dreams. 

22. The day after I got my hair cut short in 2014, i cried the next day as I hated it and since then I have sweared I will never cut it that short again 

23. I have been to France, Belgium, Spain, Ibiza, Majorca, Italy and America 

24.  Snakes are my worst fear 

25. Downton Abbey, Gossip Girl & Prison Break are my ultimate favourite TV series 

So there it is, the annual 'Get to know me' post, with 25 probably quite boring facts that start 2017 off!!! 

Love Alicia x

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