Sunday, 16 April 2017


I have some very exciting news! Well exciting for me anyway!

Now, if you are following me on Instagram or on Twitter then you will probably know what the exciting thing is that is happening. If you don't, then you have probably guessed it's something to do with travelling or getting on a plane. Then you guess is nearly correct. 

*Drum Roll* *Drum Roll* *Drum Roll* 

I'm going to study in Canada for a year!

Yes, I'm off on the 27th August to study in Ontario, Canada, for an entire year. My flights have been booked. My pre hotel before going to the university is booked. My accommodation (or they like to call it 'housing') deposit has been paid. My study permit payed and approved. It's all getting very real. 

I may not be going to my first choice university in Canada for my study abroad year, but i'm going to my second choice and honestly I couldn't be happier. I may be slightly terrified, but I'm also super excited about this chapter in my life. Going to live in another country and experiencing a new culture is going to be an amazing experience. Expensive, but I know it's going to be a great experience. 

Stayed tuned for Canadian content and Study Abroad content, because there is probably going to be a lot of it!

Love Alicia x

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Thursday, 13 April 2017


Can you believe that it is actually Easter Bank Holiday weekend already? 

I mean, it only feels like yesterday when it was Christmas and my car said -1.5 one Thursday in January all day and now we are in 'Spring'! Like that has flown by. Maybe that is because I have had a tone of deadlines and other exciting stuff going on. 

For me, the change of season means new accessories. 

I'm not one for loads of accessories or jewellery, but I do love rings. Rings for me make me feel more put together. Maybe it's in my head, but it makes me feel a bit more dressy when i'm just wearing a tee and jeans. 

The newest ones to my collection come from The Jewellery Box* and they are the perfect dainty rings for spring. 

Love Alicia x

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Do you ever compare your Instagram to other peoples? Like, their feed is so perfect and yours is like naw, seriously not happening. 

I remember when I first got Instagram back in 2011 (which has since been deleted), and there wasn't a thing for themes and everything having to be perfect. The only reason I got Instagram was because of Justin Bieber and some of his strange filters he would stick on his photos. I followed fan accounts, and not slick blogger accounts, like I do today. I kinda liked it back in 2011. Yes I was posting fan photos, and not make up or an outfit post (which yes I still suck out, so mirror selfies it is for an outfit, like I don't have an Instagram husband or someone who is willing to take photos of my outfits when I can actually be bothered). 

I suck at Instagram. 

Yes, in the last few months I feel like I have kinda improved. I now know how to use tags (I think, but who knows), and good lighting and clearer photos get you more likes, and somehow I have gone from 930 followers at the beginning of the year to 1170. Yes, I know that number is still small compared to others, but after being suck on 930 for a good 3 years, I kid you not, it feels kinda good to have an increase in followers. 

I also suck at Instagram because my Insta has no theme. 

This whole theme thing though. I mean I have tried and failed. Like I had a good New York spell, a pretty holiday vibe last year, and I had some green and pink sort of theme running but yeah I get bored. Themes are so tight. Maybe I want to post a photo from a concert where it is black, and that doesn't go with some light white theme, because who cares if it doesn't go or doesn't look perfect all the time. I like to be different. 

In some peoples eyes, because I don't have a 'theme', I suck at Instagram. Well maybe that is try, but sometimes themes can be boring. 

I can't stand following accounts that have this flat lay of makeup on a white background since 2014. Like please stop, it's boring. I personally prefer accounts that are more interesting and captions that are actually interesting. Yes, I know I suck at that as well, but i'm trying to improve; I promise. 

Yes I probably do suck at Instagram, but at the end of the day I quite like how my Instagram looks. It may not be perfect, nor do I get hundreds of likes or thousands of followers, but I'm quite proud of how my Instagram looks at the moment, even if I do spend too long on it everyday, but who really cares. 

If you are however interested in my Instagram, you can find it here!

Love Alicia x
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Saturday, 1 April 2017


Is it me, or has it actually felt like Spring lately? 

March has been a month were some of it has felt freezing, yet other days feel like Spring is finally upon us, but then I suppose that is March for you. 

For me, March has been a somewhat busy month. I finished university for the Easter Break, booked a holiday, booked flights for something special that if you follow me on Instagram you probably know about, and seemed to have worked most of the month. 


1. Derby Day - 11th March 

Derby Day (i.e the day where it's Essex Uni Vs. UEA) was at UEA this year, and as a member of the Lacrosse Club for Essex, I went a played. We may have lost, but the weather was great, the atmosphere was great and overall it was a amazing day. 

2.  Getting emotional watching Beauty and the Beat - 19th March

As my favourite Disney film, one can say I was quite excited about the live action version. I personally loved the film and it was quite emotional as well. I won't give much away in case you haven't seen it yet, but honestly it's amazing. 

3. So many Deadlines 

Why do all the deadlines come in the same week, like can't they spread them out a bit. I feel like March was the month that I was constantly working on an essay, an assignment or revising for the end of semester test. I'm actually quite grateful for the Easter break, although I do have 3 more essays due by the time I go back. 

4. Mother's Day Meal Out - 26th March 

This was the first Mother's Day since 2014 where I haven't been working, so we all went out for a carvery. I also had cheesecake, and cheesecake makes me very happy. 

5. I'm going to Canada to study 

My place has been confirmed, and my flight is booked, Visa has been applied for and it is all starting to get real. There will be a post up in the near future, all about this. 

March Favourites 

Now on to the thing that you have probably came here for, MARCH FAVOURITES time!!! 

MAC 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick 
I kinda forget that I even owned Velvet Teddy, it hasn't been a lipstick that I have reached for in the last couple of months, but in March I just couldn't get enough of the nude lip. Velvet Teddy has always been a favourite, but I do prefer pink lipsticks, but Velvet Teddy is an exception. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Film Star Bronze & Glow' 
Yes i'm talking about it again, but I have been wearing it every single day, well the bronzer that is. The bronzer is amazing, like if you haven't read about the hype about this product then where have you been, and yes it does live up to the hype. The highlighter is equally as good; natural and not glittery, which is exactly what you want for an everyday look. However, I do still tend to reach for Becca Champagne Pop, but I do love the CT highlighter as well. 

Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' 
IT'S FINALLY BACK IN MY LIFE!! I haven't used Cleanse and Polish for about 8 months now, and the other day when I saw it in boots and my skin had been playing up, I just knew I needed it again. And what a surprise, my skin has cleared up, except one annoying spot but I know the reason for that (TMI). 

Ed Sheeran 'Divide' 
This album though. Like literally it has been the only thing I have played in March in my car. I love it and I wished I had tickets to see Ed, but they all sold out and they were rather expensive and I have other things I could spend £90 on. Anyway, Galway Girl, Perfect, Nancy Mulligan, Barcelona and What Do I Know are my faves. 

Banana & Nutella Porridge 
I'm not normally one to talk about food in monthly favourites, but this is special shoutout to my favourite breakfast; Porridge made with almond milk, with a banana and a handful of raspberries and nutella. YES YES YES. Now, i'm hungry. 

What have you been loving in March? 

Love Alicia x

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017



And the last hump day of March 2017, now where is the year going? 

Now, if you have been following me on Instagram for a while, then you will know that I do love myself some Charlotte Tilbury products. There is something just so dreamy about them, and oh boy isn't the packaging to die for me. Like I swear Charlotte Tilbury takes all my money. 

My first ever Charlotte Tilbury product was purchased back in January 2015, and it was the lipstick Bond Girl. That little lipstick tube of amazingness started this little obsession off. Yes, I don't have tens of CT lipsticks, but my small collection of 3 is doing me swell at the moment, even if I do lust over some other shades over on her website. I mean who doesn't. 

Bond Girl 
For me Bond Girl screams Autumn. It is a very natural berry colour, and although the berry tones are there it doesn't shout purple, which is something that I love about this lipstick. I remember the one thing that blew me away with this lipstick was that it wasn't drying for a matte, but actually quite hydrating to some extent and it actually lasts on my lips!!

Amazing Grace
This was a little treat to myself on my 18th Birthday, and is that perfect spring and summer shade. It is an amazing beautiful colour. I actually wrote a post all about Amazing Grace in 2015, you can check that out here

Pillow Talk 
When I heard that Charlotte Tilbury had brought out Pillow Talk in a lipstick, I just knew I had to have it. It is honestly the perfect everyday lipstick and I know I will get lots of use out of it. You can read more about Pillow Talk here.

Do you own any Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks?

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 27 March 2017


Have a really just spent a couple of hours scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? 

The answer to that is yes, apparently. 

It's Mothering Sunday, we have just been out for a meal and everyone is in that 'i'm kinda sleepy mode', as I have spent a good hour on Instagram. Yes, an hour. To be honest, I'm not really sure why or even how that happened, but it did. 

In the morning the first thing I do, is check my phone. Has Justin Bieber posted a new snap on Instagram? What's happening in the world of Facebook? Any latest gossip going around on Twitter? Yes, I check it all. 

Sometimes I think that I actually am addicted to Social Media. 

I remember getting my first iPod back in December 2010, and that was probably the moment when I became somewhat addicted to social media. I was 12 and Twitter was the thing. Everyone wanted that follow from their favourite celeb, or when the latest concert tickets were going to be released. This was the time before Instagram, but also the time when I posted some awful Facebook posts. I cringe thinking about it. 

Instagram is kinda my thing at the moment. I could scroll for days. Finding new inspiration for travelling the world (one could wish), or finding the latest beauty products that are all the rave. Yes, it happens to the best of us; getting caught up in the Instagram world and i'm slightly ashamed. 

To be honest I don't remember the last time I sat down and actually read a book. Instead i'm reading tweets on Twitter or watching the latest YouTube video. 

We are in an era of where we document everything online. From where we are eating, to what we are eating, what we are wearing and what we are buying; where we are going and where we wish we were. We live almost through a screen, instead of taking every moment in. 

Sometimes I wonder, if I really am addicted to Social Media and this is coming from the girl who hates to see multiple posts from 'friends' on Facebook about what they are eating for tea, or whether they have just cleaned the house. But am I just as bad? Equally, I post on Twitter and Instagram where I have just been to eat, or moaning about University work which I probably shouldn't moan about because it was my choice to go. But surely that's just as bad right?

At the end of the day, I do a quick check of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, just to be nosey or to see if I have missed important news (JUSTIN BIEBER JUST RELEASED TOUR DATES// CHERYL COLE GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY BOY), well not that important in comparison to the real world and real world problems. 

However, on the topic of news and social media, isn't it how we find out about some of most important news in the world. Just on Wednesday I found out about the terrorist attack on London through the BBC app and the breaking news notification. You read articles online, that have been shared via Facebook. Sometimes news gets to us quicker because of social media, but I don't have to be addicted to social media to go on social media and find these things out. 

One of the things that I want to do in the near future is do a day of no technology. No social media, no laptop and no phone. Will I survive? Well of course I will, but I know it will be hard. 

Who actually needs to check Instagram every hour, or scroll down Facebook when the reality is it's just a load of boasters who aren't really friends, or reading tweets about stuff that you probably didn't need to know or want to know. 

Am I addicted to social media? Then yes, I probably am, but at least I can change that. 

Are you addicted to social media?

Love Alicia x
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Saturday, 25 March 2017


Wanderlust is seriously happening right!!!

All i'm seeing on Instagram is photos of Australia, Bali and Amsterdam; like why is everyone in Amsterdam right or on some beach in Bali, while i'm trying to right what feels like 300 essays for university, revise for end of semester tests and work. 

Seeing photos of exotic beaches, or landmarks that we all know (and love, maybe) has got me thinking of the places that are right on the top of my list to visit. 

Sydney, Australia


Toronto, Canada 

Miami, USA

Rome, Italy 

Hawaii, USA 

Dublin, Ireland 

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 

Where do you want to travel too?

Love Alicia x

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Friday, 10 March 2017


There is just something about eye palettes, 

whether it's the packaging that makes me buy, or the just how pretty all the eyeshadows look placed next to one another. 

I'm not a girl that loves her individual eyeshadows, yes I have a few from MAC and Clinque, as well as some Maybelline and L'Oreal ones, but I much prefer a palette. 

The obsession began on Christmas Day 2014, when I received the most beautiful (in my opinion) palette from Urban Decay, Urban Decay Naked 3. There was just something about the matte shades and the shimmers. It used to be one of my most used palettes for about a year. Don't get me wrong, I still use the palette, but for me it is more of a summer palette. A palette that will come with me on summer holidays, as it just seems to do it all for the summer. 

Continuing on with the Urban Decay theme, it has been an ongoing tradition now, that for every Birthday and Christmas now since Christmas 2014, I receive something from the Brand. One of my personal favourites and go to palettes is Urban Decay Naked Basics. Yes that tiny little nude and brown palette just does it for me. I think I have used every colour at least once a week since my 18th, well except for the black. I'm just not a black eyeshadow type of gal. 

Next up comes the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. Now I can see the hype around this palette, but it is not one that I reach for the most. I like the shades, don't get me wrong, but they are just not wearable for day to day life. Yes, for nights out and special occasions I love reaching for this palette, but I also seem to forget I have it as well. Oops. 

Last but not least is the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette, and oh my is this probably my 3rd favourite palette in my collection. After receiving under the Christmas tree this past Christmas with a little 'eek I have it' moment, this palette has been used on my eyelids basically everyday since. It is just perfect and you can really change it up as well. Well Done Urban Decay!!! 

Now let's move away from Urban Decay, and let's talk Tarte... 

Now I do buy into hype, yes I like to buy things that people recommend, and I kid you not when I booked New York last year the first thing on my Sephora want list was the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette. I mean have you seen how gorgeous that palette is. The shimmers are amazing, like wow they are pigmented, and the mattes just stay on your eyelids all day. Like I could talk about this palette all day, but you would probably get bored. 

And on to the next one... 

Which is, drum roll please, the latest palette to my quite small in comparison to some peoples collection Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. Who doesn't want a palette that smells like peaches, and has pretty pinks, but also some out there darks? As much as I wanted the Chocolate palettes, something was calling my name to this one more. I just love it, and I love using it with the Tarte palette as well. 

A drugstore brand to bring it in, 

We all know I am a big fan of L'oreal, like give me some of their lipsticks, foundations or mascaras any day, as they are amazing. However, I was left slightly disappointed with the L'Oreal La Palette Nude. Maybe because it is quite similar to Urban Decay Naked 3, or because it is a palette that I just don't reach for. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a palette that I will need a little play about with.

Last but not least, 

mainly not least because I have actually not included some from Soap & Glory, Wet n Wild and some Quads, goes to Zoeva Taupe palette. Okay probably left to last because it's kinda meh. Like I do like the colours I just don't think they are very pigmented and my eyelids just don't like them as they hardly show up. Maybe I need to wash my make up brushes more, or just use the palette more, but this one just doesn't do it for me. 

Originally I was just going to list, but I started typing and it ended up being one of them long posts, but I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any of these palettes? Or what is in your eye palette collection that you love! 

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 6 March 2017


I once wrote a post all about juggling blogging and university,

Well it turns out that I can't take my own advice. 

February was one hectic month. It was a month full of deadlines (five to be precise), working over time and some how also filling the weekends up as well. That would be my reason for the lack of blog posts, but I also found out some pretty exciting news as well, so make sure to keep an eye on this blog, as well as my Instagram and Twitter in the near future, because it is pretty damn exciting!! 

On top of all of that I kinda just lost my blogging mojo. I lacked any enthusiasm to write a post, let alone have some ideas. So over the weekend I jotted down some ideas, and I now feel like March will be the month where there will actually be some blog posts again!! 

Anyway, enough of the rambles and onto something a little more exciting .... 


Okay it probably isn't the most exciting month, but I do have a few little bits to share, particularly from Charlotte Tilbury. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' Lip Liner 

Back in January I finally got on the hype and picked up the famous Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk, and yes I am fully on that bandwagon. It is just the most perfect everyday nude lipliner, which really does enhance the shapes of your lips. Not only does the Lip Cheat make your lips fuller, but it is so long lasting on the lips. Honestly, I don't know why I hadn't picked it up sooner. 

Pillow Talk lip liner has been on my lips basically everyday in February. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 

Yes I am including that really eye-watering expensive moisturiser, because it deserves to be on the monthly favourites. Would I spend £70 on it, probably not, but it has made the list because out of the three free samples that I received when I had a little spend in Charlotte Tilbury, I have been loving them. My skin really did feel amazing, and make up just sat so much more better on the top in comparison to my usual moisturiser.  Probably still wouldn't pay the £70 for it, but I'm all up for the free samples. 

Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer 

I feel like all the February favourites so far have been very hyped up products, so here some another one, this time from Maybelline. Yes I can see the hype. It stays in place all day and the colour surprisingly really matches my skin colour, even though there is only two colours to choice from. 

FeelUnique Diary 

February was the month when I really started to organise my life, all with the help of an old fashion diary and the cute stickers that comes with it. I particularly like the pages for the 'budget' for each month, because even though I live at home and don't really have any bills to pay, it has become useful for budgeting for petrol and other stuff that I may need. 

What have you been loving in February? 

Love Alicia x

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Can one go to Covent Garden and not go into Charlotte Tilbury?

Well if you are me, apparently the answer is no. I just can't help myself from being drawn into the little makeup boutique and getting lost in just how amazing all the make up is. Like seriously, how doesn't love the rose gold packaging, and how dreamy the palettes are? 

If you have read my latest post, 24 Hours in London, then you will know for my Mum's 50th Birthday she got her makeup down in Charlotte Tilbury. This for me meant an hour deciding what to pick up and deliberating over if I really needed a palette which is £49. The answer to that was yes, yes I do need that perfect bronzer and highlight that everyone raves about. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat | £16

This has got to be the product that was on the top of my wish list from Charlotte Tilbury, and for some reason I have always stopped myself from buying it. Maybe because I thought £16 was a bit too much for a lip liner. However, once the makeup artist put it on my lips, I was sold. I was also sold by the fact that my mum was also going to buy it for herself, and I really wanted it. Pillow Talk lip cheat is honestly dreamy. It is such a natural colour, and honestly my lipstick lasts longer while wearing the lip liner underneath. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick | £24

I knew I wanted Pillow Talk lipstick. I knew if I was only going to buy one product that day, it would be the Pillow Talk lipstick. For me Pillow Talk is the ultimate lipstick colour for myself. It is a nudey pink and works so well on my lips. I have also been a fan of the Matte Revolution lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury, so there really is no surprise that I am already falling for the dreamy Pillow Talk lipstick. 

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow | £49

Yes I craved and no I do not have any regrets about finally picking up the dreamiest of dreamiest face palettes. I feel like Filmstar Bronze & Glow has been raved about now for such a long time, but I just couldn't make myself spent £49 on a bronzer and highlight, and if I even thought about putting it on a Christmas wish list my mum would have gone crazy at the price. However, the make up artist in Charlotte Tilbury put this on my Mum's face and I knew I had to get it. It looked stunning. Then when I said I was interested, she put it on my face and I was completely sold. Now after using it for around a week I understand the hype. The bronzer actually stays on my face all day (and that included playing sport) and the highlight is just natural and stunning. 

Have you ever tried a product from Charlotte Tilbury? 

Love Alicia x

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Sunday, 5 February 2017


I have always loved London, and living just an hour and half by train from what some argue as 'the greatest city in the world', one can sometimes forget it is basically on my door stop compared to others. 

London for me has always been for day trips; whether that is a museum visit, to see a West End Show or see the sites. Funnily enough, that was what last weekend was all about. 

For my Mum's 50th Birthday, we decided to go up to London and see Mamma Mia and make the trip a bit extra special and stay in a hotel, instead of trying to rush back for the 11:18pm last train back to Clacton. While the Friday, was a bit of a stress in the morning (no trains in the morning because of a broken over head line, but the train we were on was the first running of the day), the afternoon comprised of eating cake, drinking prosecco in Charlotte Tilbury while my Mum got her make up done (and I spent 4 week worth of petrol) and having a meal at Smollenky's, before the 7:45pm performance of Mammia Mia. The Saturday, was spent wondering around Covent Garden, walking up to Oxford Street while my Dad moaned about he didn't want to go shopping, before catching the tube over to the V&A museum (which was kinda a let down). While the afternoon was spent looking around the James Bond museum, just off of Covent Garden, before catching the train back to Clacton. 

Love Alicia x

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Sunday, 15 January 2017


I like to collect lipsticks, and more importantly MAC lipsticks. 

My MAC lipstick collection may not be the biggest collection in the world, as I only have 10, but I'm pretty darn proud of the collection. However, I am bitterly disappointed that I have lost 'Brave', which you will probably already know if you follow me on instagram (aliciajohnsonx for the self promo), as it just happened to be one of my favourites. 

Front Row (Left - Right) 
'D for Danger' // 'Mehr' // 'Velvet Teddy' // 'Syrup' // 'Fast Play' 


Back Row (Left - Right) 
'Dare You' // 'Lovelorn' // 'Twig' // 'Pink Plaid' x2

What MAC lipsticks do you own? 

Love Alicia x

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Monday, 9 January 2017


When thinking about, in 2016 I discovered some beauty products that I really did love, and some lets be quite frank, hated them... 

When looking back on what I brought and used in 2016, there were five beauty products that really did stick out like a sore thumb. 5 beauty products that I have honestly loved and will probably continue to love in 2017. 


Honestly, like I am being deadly serious right now, the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in 'That Glow' is honestly one of my favourite buys of 2016. Yes, there was so much hype around this highlighting palette, and yes I brought into the hype. I have been wearing at least one of the highlighting shades basically everyday since I brought the palette back in June.

'Golden Bronze' is not a shade I go to for everyday, because let's face it, it is far too dark for my skin tone, however it does make a great eyeshadow.

'Sunburst' and 'Dripping in Gold' are my two most used. For something more natural for my skin tone I go for sunburst, as it just looks like I have a natural glow and doesn't scream 'i'm wearing a highlighter'. Dripping in Gold was my go to back in the summer when my skin was more tanned, however I have still been loving it for more dramatic make up looks.


After watching one of Fleur De Forces video back at the first half of last year, I know I had to get my hands on this palette in New York. As much as I love my Urban Decay Naked Palettes, there is something about this Tarte palette that honestly makes me put down the UD palettes.

The pigmentation is excellent, and the fact that even when I haven't used a primer, they have stayed on for a good six hours with no creasing what so ever. So yeah, it is pretty damn good.

'Flower Child' is my ultimate go to base colour, with 'Smarty Pants' and 'Sweetheart' being used in my crease and also as blending with other shades. I am also a bit of a fan of the shimmer shades, most particular 'Firecracker' which looks amazing over MAC 'Sable'.


As much as I love my MAC & Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, the L'oreal Gold Obsession lipsticks have just been worn a lot more this year, espicially since the end of September when I brought them. For me, I have kinda gone away from the whole matte lip trend, as my lips are so dry and I need something that won't make them crack. That's where the L'oreal lipsticks come into place.

My personal favourite has to be 'Nude Gold', as it honestly the perfect everyday lipstick. However, I am not as impressed with Gold Plum, it just doesn't do it for me. The colour isn't really there, and doesn't look that great unless I layer it over Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl.

On the plus side Nude Gold and Pink Gold are creamy, and have a good colour pigmentation.


I don't think my eyebrows have gone a day with out seeing Benefit 'Ready Set Brow' gel since the day I got my hands on it back in June. My brow hairs stay in place all day, so yes it does the job.


Okay so I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to include the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop, simply because although I love wearing it and don't regret buying it, I tend to reach for the ABH Glow Kit palette for my highlight rather than this. However, it just had to be included because of the pigmentation and the colour. I mean wow.

What are your favourite beauty discoveries of 2016? 

Love Alicia x

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