Sunday, 20 November 2016


November has been of a blur for this blog, and therefore there has been a serious lack of posts. Soz about that, but university work had to take priority. However, I wanted to bring back some positivity to your grey Sunday, with a 'Five Happy Things' post!

1. The thought of seeing Justin Bieber again in 8 days time 
If you have been reading 'Bambi Dreaming' for while now, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you will probably know I love Justin Bieber and I can't wait to see him for the 6th time next Monday!!!

2. Discovering 'Urban Fruit' 
On a spontaneous trip to Asda this morning, I found 'Urban Fruit' and oh my I have just finished a whole pack before I even got to my second 'happy thing'. I picked up the strawberry one, and basically they are baked strawberries and oh my are they good.

3. Reading 
It feels so long since I last picked up a book that wasn't related to my university degree and got lost in some other world. Well, this afternoon I am going to pick up a book (probably Harry Potter, because who doesn't want to be transported to a magical world) and actually enjoy reading.

4. Sunday Roast Dinner 
The great thing about living at home is my Mum's Sunday Roast Dinners. Today it is roast chicken and I'm so excited to delve into it later.

5. It's 5 weeks until Christmas!!
Yes, that is correct. This time in five weeks time it will be Christmas day!! Personally, I can't wait for the food; Roast turkey and all the trimmings.

If there has been one thing that I have learnt from writing this post, is that I really do love food!!!

What are your '5 Happy Things?' 

Love Alicia x 

Please feel free to leave a comment! 

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