Monday, 31 October 2016


There is something quite addictive about buying new lipsticks and adding more to the ever growing collection. So when I found the L'Oreal Gold Obsession lipsticks in my local Superdrug I knew I had to pick three up, well I could have brought all 5 which were in stock but 3 for 2 and all. 

Now, at first I was a bit frightened of having a gold lip, but since trying it I am totally okay with the idea and the look. It is probably something I wouldn't go to everyday, and it kinda a trend that will die out soon, but for now I plan to rock that gold lip. 

The great thing about these lippies are they don't shout out 'I'm wearing Gold lipstick', it is almost quite natural, especially the nude gold, which is the perfect go to.  I also picked up Plum Gold, which I am not the biggest fan of wearing it by itself. Personally, I like to wear it over the top of Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl, as they are quite similar in shade, but the gold really pops. Perfect for Autumn then. 

The final of the three lipsticks I picked up was the Pure Gold, which yes I have worn by it's self and it kinda just looks like a clear lipgloss which a bit of sparkle. I have however, also worn it over MAC Mehr and Velvet Teddy, and it looked so pretty. 

Love Alicia x

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