Monday, 8 August 2016


Can we officially say it's summer yet? I mean, the weather is slightly improving now, in terms of that having to take a jacket out with you.

I have been ermming about this post for a while now. Back in May time I was going to create a proper professional post with amazing outfit photos with New York and Spain in the backdrop, but that never really happened. So instead I have decided to pick out a few of my favourite pieces that I have been loving so far this summer and share, with a mirror for a backdrop. 

Okay, so this Missguided dress was a 'love at first sight' sort of purchase, just a few days before I went to New York, but never actually ended up wearing it. So here is a mirror selfie, that does not do this dress justice. I just wish I could wear it more in England, but the weather isn't exactly brilliant, is it? 

There is just something so pretty about this ASOS top, and whenever I wear it someone always comments of how cute this top is. Not going to lie, the material at the bottom is quite sheer and I wasn't expecting that, but I not really like it. 

I have paired the ASOS top with these River Island shorts, which are actually not denim for once. These are my first pair of tailored shorts and I bloody love them. They fit perfectly, don't show any bum cheek and look so flattering which means bonds points as well. 

The sandals are also from ASOS, although sadly they are now broke. 

These beauty of a bardot dress is from River Island as well. Lately, I have been loving RI. I don't know why, but their stuff has been on point and I need more money. I actually brought this dress for Summer Ball, but I also decided to wear it on my birthday in Spain.

This River Island skirt is probably my favourite thing from this haul. I have literally been wearing it all the time, except for work because its a little short and if you bend over, your bum is on display to the whole world; not a good look. I'm also excited to wear this in winter, with cute little ankle boots and tights and a jumper.

Now I am on to talking about the bargin of the season, that read Hollister top. It was $10, yes thats right $10 and I brought it in the Fifth Avenue store in New York. Yes it might have been in the sale, but when can you ever get a decent, well made and pretty top for £7 in England - like never.

On to the final piece of the selection of decent photos I have find, is this gorgeous maxi dress from Boohoo. Oh My. I saw this and I was like 'NEEEED'. Although it is slightly too booby for someone who doesn't have much and the slit literally does go up to your hips, it is a flattering number which will be coming out again next summer.

I did also buy some other bits, but I have no decent photos and denim shorts from Topshop are just shorts.

Love Alicia x
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