Friday, 12 August 2016


It's cold. It is also the 11th August and feels more like the middle of October or February. This is NOT summer. How are we supposed to be having a heat wave for the next two weeks is beyond me. 

Since this 'Great British Summer' is not exactly the best, but then we all know that, I have been on a bit of a pinning hype recently, mostly to do with autumn clothes and more importantly boots. 

It may be a bit early, but there is something about autumn and winter clothes that gets me excited. Although I will probably not end up buying any of this, because that seems to be what generally happens after I do these posts, but hey ho. 

ASOS V Neck Bodies in Black & White

Topshop Lottie Suede Loafers

Topshop Patchwork Tote Bag

Topshop MOM Jeans

River Island Leather Jacket 

Topshop Lace Up Midi Bodycon Dress 

Office Black Suede Justine Boots

ASOS Cold Shoulder Cami Top  

To see the rest of the autumn and winter want list, check out my Pinterest!

 Love Alicia x
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