Thursday, 18 August 2016


When O2 Priority offers you 35% of The Body Shop, then one can simply not say no, especially when you need a top up of your favourite little skin care pieces. 

Now let me tell you, my face currently hates me. Well actually my whole body hates me right now. The amount of bites I have over my body is disgusting. I would mind, but until four weeks ago, I had never been bitten in my life. Now, I think a nat has found refuge in my room and refuses to leave. Love it!

Anyway, back to the whole 'my face hates me' saga. Currently, my chin area and lower face has just come up and I just can't deal with it. Hence why 'The Body Shop' was calling out for me.

One product in particular that my face was in need of, was the Tea Tree Overnight Lotion, which if you have read my blog before then you would have probably have already heard me rave about this little tube of genius. Honestly, I love this product. Put it on the spot, and bam, wake up the next morning and it is reduced. It may not be completely gone, but wow does this product get to work. Would highly recommend, even if you only get the occasionally blemish or spot pop up, because it actually works.

Now, I could do a haul from The Body Shop and not include a face mask. I am a lover of face masks. Love the buggers. So this 'new' Tea Tree one caught my eye. I can't really say much about this '3 in 1' wash/srcub/mask, as I haven't tried it out yet, but heres hoping it is good.

Finally we have a product I have a bit of a love hate relationship with. Now, I actually like this Tea Tree face wash, but only when my face needs it. If my face is going good then it can be too harsh and actually break me out, but when my face is bad it works and helps to improve my face.

Have you ever tried out the Tea Tree range from The Body Shop?

 Love Alicia x
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