Monday, 1 August 2016


Happy Monday guys! Now, I know Mondays have this reputation for just being a bit shit. It's the start of a new week, the weekend has flown by and you actually have to do something today. That something maybe work, school, university etc, but it normally means getting out of bed that bit earlier to get out with the day. It can be a hard world if you aren't famous and have pots of money, but hey ho lets get on with life. 


If you have got that Monday morning feeling running through your body, or whatever day of the week it is, and you really don't want to do anything except from lie in bed and watch series after series, then here are 5 things to do today to make you feel that bit better about the day ahead. 

1. Have a big glass of hot lemon water 
Yes this may seem very healthy and to some quite frankly disgusting but it can really help you feel awake and energised. Some may rely on their morning caffeine addiction to get them started, but a nice hot glass of water with a slice of lemon will make your insides feel alive. Its also apparently great for digestion. Bonas. 

2. Do a morning workout 
Now i'm not talking about a 10 mile run followed by some intense gym session, i'm talking about doing a quick 5 minute workout as soon as you get up and get in the shower. There are loads of quick HIIT workouts of Youtube, but my personal favourite is Lucy Wyndham-Read. She has loads of 4 minute HIIT workouts that are quick, simple and effective. Plus doing a mini workout in the morning will also boast your metabolism. 

3. Take time for you 
Whether thats take a bath in the evening to relax after a long day of work (something to look forward to perhaps), take half an hour out of your day to read a book or do what ever makes you feel happy. Who knows, if you like jogging that get up half an hour earlier and go for a jog to kick start your day. 

4. Make a List 
If you are a stressy type of person, then write a list the night before so you know what you need to do tomorrow, but just don't make the list to long. You don't have to please everyone in this life. 

5. Smile 
or have a good old laugh.

Love Alicia x
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