Monday, 20 June 2016


Today is SUMMER SOLSTICE, which if you didn't know basically means its the longest day of the year and this is when I believe Summer really starts. Well technically my summer started a month ago when university finished, but in my head summer is now here! YAY! *happy dances*

So what are you going to do this Summer?
I have compleded a list of 5 things you can do this summer to have a truly amazing summer, which happens to be filled with amazing memories. 

Go for day trip to the beach 
I am actually really lucky and live in a seaside, but I know I don't take much advantage of being by the sea. So even if you live a couple of hours away from the sea, just pick a nice day and go for a road trip with your friends or family, take a picnic, takes some games and have a jolly good time. Also, if you don't feel like a picnic go and get some fish and chips

Have a homemade garden party
Now if its raining you can just take it inside. Grab some friends or family, some great food (homemade or you can just get a takeaway), have a few drinks, decorate the garden a bit from some fancy Pinterest DIY, and make some memories. 

Have a summer 'clean'
I want to really say spring clean but wrong season. You could always have refresh of your wardrobe (eBay, depop, charity shop, friends etc), re design the garden, sort through your bedroom/house and just have a good old cleanse. Get rid of the stuff you don't use or don't like, and keep the stuff you use and love. Get rid of that clutter out of your life. 

Just get out doors
England may get rain, but when it is sunny get your butt outside. Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride and go and explore somewhere. You could go to a forest, or just walking around a little cute village and stop for some ice cream. 

Have a digital detox or any type of detox
Just put down that phone, laptop, computer, iPad or whatever gadget you have and take 24 hours off. Of course if you are working pick a day you aren't working or a day when you know you won't be driving. Pick up a book, go sit outsides, make a fancy meal or decorate the house. Get out of that comfort zone of technology. That also includes no watching TV or films, just get away from that screen.

Love Alicia x
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