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One of the biggest struggles most people seem to have at university is what to eat, and how to stay healthy. Now it is known that some students will put on weight and some students will lose weight during their time at uni for a variety of reasons, whether thats because they simply can not cook and have takeaway most nights and ready meals, or because food habits changes. For me what I have eaten in my first year of university has changed somewhat quite significantly, and thats probably because I am making my own meals. Yes before university I did make some of my meals, but the majority of the time we ate as a family rather than individuals. At university you suddenly have this freedom of eating whenever you want and whatever you want without being *judged* by your parents or other family members. Now I wouldn't say I eat unhealthy, although there has been a few times where I may have brought cheesecake from the market on Thursdays, and sometimes some chocolate and cookies (which are actually crap and will not be buying again) from the SU shop when I am having a kinda crappy day and want all the sugar in the world. Yes these days happen and they probably happen to the majority of us. Apart from that I do try to make all my meals in a day healthy and filling. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
We have all heard that phrase and we are all used to people telling us as well, but it is try. I know personally that I can't start the day without some form of breakfast. 

At the beginning of the year, back in October, my go to breakfast was a handful of granola (shop brought and full of sugar), with two tablespoons of yogurt and a heap of fruit. Now it may seem weird that I remember this, but thats because I just really remember enjoying it for about my first mouth and a half of uni before I moved onto something else. Now if you did want to have this breakfast I would recommend making your own granola. Yes you are probably a lazy student who can't be bothered, but hey whats procasination for. You can find some really good and healthy recipes online. 

One of my favourite and quite boring go to breakfast before revising of having mid morning lectures is porridge. I love making my own porridge because I know exactly what goes into and it stills takes less than 5 minutes to make and you only need three ingredients! 

I start off with adding a ladle size of oats into a milk saucepan and then adding 150ml of Almond milk (you can also use soya milk, normal milk etc) and then about 50ml of water. Bring the mixture to a boil and keep stirring. Once it is boiling turn down the heat and continue to mix until you get it to the right thickness for you. Pour into a bowl and serve with what ever you like. I personally love a heap full of frozen berries, or fresh strawberries, or apples and topped with cinnamon. 

Brunch, because lets face it students don't really get up till after breakfast is over...
If I have skipped over breakfast or know I am going to miss lunch because I will be on campus or whatever I will tend to have brunch. This tends to be in the form of two boiled eggs on ryvita. I don't buy bread because I know I will not eat it in time before it goes out of date. The plus side of this is that the eggs will fill you up for the next couple of hours. 

Another idea is to have banana pancakes which is just a simple two ingredient recipe which takes no time at all. All you need is a banana and an egg. Mash up the banana then mix in the egg. After spraying the pan with coconut oil (or whatever oil you have), take a small amount of mixture and make two pancakes. Cook on both sides for around a minute of so and then serve. This again is really great with frozen fruit and a bit of yogurt and some honey. 

It's lunchtime baby!!!
This is the category that I always find really hard, especially if I have already had eggs earlier on it the day or I know that I plan to have something for dinner and I don't want it for lunch as well. Now I am not the massive fan of lunch, I much prefer breakfast. However, scrambled eggs and mushrooms are really nice with some Ryvita or a vegetable pitta. I like to fill a pitta or a wrap with some roasted pepper, mushrooms, sweet corn and whatever other veg I may have into one with some sweet chilli sauce. Another idea is to do a rainbow style pasta salad. This is super easy to make! All you will need is some vegetables of your choice, a handful of pasta and some tuna or chicken (optional) and mix it all together. I normally leave out any sauce because I don't particular like it.

Dinner TIME!!!!
Dinner is the opportunity to become some what creative with what you eat. For me this is trying to make my plate as colourful as possible, because more colourful food tends to be a lot better for you and packed with nutrients. Plus if you have 6 days or eating a really healthy and colourful dinner you can reward yourself with pizza or subway or whatever unhealthy food/takeaway you like on the 7th day. Some of my go to dinners are: 
- Salmon or haddock with vegetables and sweet potato wedges 
- Chicken wrap with red peppers, spinach, courgette, sweet corn etc 
- Spinach and mushroom omelete with sweet potato mash (and baked beans) 
- Bolognese with sweet potato wedges 
- Vegetable stir fry with noodles or rice
- Rainbow Pasta with Pesto 
- Baked sweet potato with tuna and roasted vegetables 
- Vegetable salad with sweet potato 

Snacks and Treats are just as important!
I have a sweet tooth and I like to have a snack, especially in the afternoon during mid university work, to almost reward myself. What I have mid afternoon also tends to be what I will have after dinner some nights. I love having fruit (apple and banana) with peanut butter, or frozen mango with yogurt and cinnamon. Another favourite is rice cakes with either peanut butter or nutella on top and some raisins. Sometimes I like to buy the NAKD Bars and nibbles as well, but I have to be in the mood to eat them otherwise I will just get bored of them.

Some other stuff... 
One of the ways that I have become healthier in terms of what I put into my body is that I try to drink at least a litre of water a day, because not only does that stop me from picking but I feel better after drinking water. I also really like having a green tea in the morning, afternoon and after dinner. Normally I will not have three cups of green tea a day, but green tea just stops me from feeling bloated. 

Being healthy at university doesn't have to be expensive. Frozen vegetables in most supermarkets are under a pound, and yes frozen fruit maybe a bit more expensive but its better to buy frozen than to buy fresh and then you can't eat it all and it goes off and then you loose money. Sweet potato's are also a great alternative to normal potato and better for you. I believe you can pick up a pack of 6 for under £2.

Love Alicia x
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