Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Everyday Accessories

There are three things that I really can't not leave the house without, and no that does not always include my phone or purse, although it always has to include keys. Here I'm talking about three pieces of jewellery that make me feel together and ready for what the day ahead has planned for me. 

All about the rings...
If I had been writing this post a year ago, I would have laughed if you had told me that I would love wearing rings and would have felt lost without my Pandora ring. Now I only tend to wear one ring at the time and I usually pick up this ring and I always have to wear it on my middle finger (probably because that is the finger that it fits best on, and it has to be on a certain hand or it just doesn't feel right).
(Note to self: Remember to paint nails next time)

For checking the time, 
My Daniel Wellington watch is perfect for almost every outfit and occasion. With its brown leather strap and rose gold hardware, there is something about the watch that looks classic and stylish. I'm not one for metal straps, although the Michael Kors watches do look delightful and maybe on my wish list, I just prefer the leather strap look. The look is feminine and whether its a 9am lecture, a shift at work or a meal out, it just works and looks effortless.

The finishing piece comes in a little blue box...
There is something very timeless and classic when it comes to a Tiffany necklace, which I was very lucky to receive for my 18th Birthday back in July, and something that I have been wearing basically everyday since. In fact, the beautiful heart shaped Tiffany necklace has been the only necklace I have worn ever since. Similar, to the Daniel Wellington watch, it goes with everything, whether that is a causal tee or an expensive dress, the fact that it is Tiffany just puts the whole look together. If you have been wishing for a little blue box then it is worth it.

Love Alicia x 

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