Monday, 8 February 2016

My Current Go-To Lipsticks

Does anyone else feel undressed with no lipstick on? Well, thats me. If I leave the house with no lipstick on, I feel incomplete and then it will just bug me for the rest of the day until I can get my hands on a lipstick and pop it on. At the moment I have had a thing for three lipsticks: MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Fast Play and L'oreal 376. Honestly, I don't thing I have worn hardly any other shade this month (although Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have popped up a few times and the odd Tanya Burr lipgloss as well).

Velvet Teddy is a fairly new addition to my MAC collection of lipsticks, I got it just before christmas and I've probably worn it over 20 times since I purchased it (well actually my mum did, so thank you mum!)  I can understand why people hype about it so much. For me its the perfect 'your lips but better shade', although sometimes I like to wear a gloss over the top to just give it a little something else. The only thing I do find is that I find myself reapplying it a few times during the day, but apart from that I love it. 

Next up is MAC Fast Play. I actually did a post about this lipstick a while back now (check it out here), at the beginning I was a bit like I don't know if I like this or not, but I then got back into it after watching one of Lilly Pebbles videos where I think she was wearing it or at least talking about it. Since then I have re fallen in love with this lipstick. It is darker than Velvet teddy, but I still really love it. 

Finally is the one that goes off the trail from my normal nude colour lipsticks, and is 376 from L'oreal. Now it is no secret that I love L'oreal lipsticks, in fact the brand is one of my favourite drugstore products from their lipsticks.  It is almost a red but with purple undertones and it really is easy to wear. The only thing I would say that I don't like is that it kinda goes a bit everywhere but as long as you look in a mirror you are fine. 

There you have it, my current go to lipsticks. Do you have any go to lipsticks at the moment?

Love Alicia x 
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