Friday, 8 January 2016

Worth the Hype: Emma Hardie

During the week leading up to Black Friday, had quite a lot of offers on, and when I saw that the Emma Hardie 'Amazing Face Cleansing Balm' for £25 instead of £38 I knew I had to purchase it. After so many bloggers and vloggers raving about the balm I really did want to try it out and it had been on my wish list for quite some time. Now after using the product for nearly 4 weeks now (yes I got it delivered to my home address and not my university address, hence why I didn't use it straight away), I thought it was time to do a review on the product.

First Impressions:

First of all I didn't really except it to be in such a big tub, yes I know it is 100ml, but I don't know it just doesn't seem to look that big in youtube videos. Secondly, it is actually quite heavy which again I was not expecting. However, the moment I opened the lid I feel in love with the smell of the balm. I personally feel that it is quite subtle but I like that. If I am using it in the morning then I don't really want to smell it all day, which I don't. 

The first time using it, it did feel a little weird. I am a person who loves her Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, where you just pump it out and rub it into your face. Whereas, with this cleansing balm, you scope it out hard and then rub it into wet hands and then put it onto your face. At first I was a bit like 'I don't really know if I like this or not', but now I have got used to it and I quite like applying it this way. 

The Cleansing cloth which comes with the cleansing balm is probably one of my favourites because it is quite thick and just feels a lot nicer when taking off the product. 

What I like About It:

1. It does not break me out 
2. It's quick 
3. A little goes a long way 
4. The smell 
5. The overall appearance of the product 
6. It removes all my make up so quickly 
7. Leaves my face feeling clean and fresh

What I don't like About It:

1. I'm scared that one day a load of water is going to get into the tub and the product will be ruined 

Apart from that, nothing really. 

Would I re-purchase it?




Love Alicia x
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