Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Blogmas Day 23: Quick & Easy Last minute Presents

Hi Guys and Welcome to Blogmas Day 23!

So Christmas Day is in two days time, and you are going to see family and friends and for some reason you are yet to buy them a present, but don't just want to give them a boring box of chocolate or a gift card from your local supermarket. You actually want it to seem like you have put some effort into the present, when in reality you haven't. So I have decided to post 4 super easy, super quick and super (well kinda) cheap last minute presents. 

1.  A Box of Treats 
This is very similar to my a couple of my homemade presents, however this one you set a price limit, say £5 or £10, and you just go to one shop (could be a supermarket or superdrug or wherever) and pick 3 or 4 gifts. Now, you could ever put them in a box, or if you are like me and keep christmas gift bags that people have given you over the years, then put them in one of them, so you don't even have to wrap them up. Also, you will probably have some sweets or some chocolate in your house of some sort, add a couple of them to the bag, with some tissue paper and you are done. 

An example of what you could include:
  • nail polish 
  • lipstick 
  • nail polish remover 
  • cotton wool
  • mirror 
  • Mug 
  • Coffee / Tea 
  • Small box of biscuits 

2.  Baking Kit
Okay, this only works if you know they love to bake or they do actually bake things. So all you will need is:
  • cupcake cases 
  • a range of cake decorations 
  • wooden spoon 
  • icing sugar 
Then if you want you can put them neatly into a bag or a box, and even personalise them if you have time. 

3. A Gift Card in Sweets 
Yes I know I said the you may not want to get a gift card, but if you give it in a cleaver way then it can come off that you have actually put some thought into it.

All you will need:
  • gift card 
  • jar 
  • sweets 
4. CD/ DVD / GAME Set
So if you are thinking of buying a last minute present of a CD or a DVD, then why not spice it up by adding on some extra items. For example, with a DVD, buy some popcorn, some sweets, their favourite drink. 

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