Thursday, 17 December 2015

Blogmas Day 17: Homemade Christmas Presents

Hi Guys and Welcome to Blogmas Day 17!

Today is day 4 of my christmas recipe week and today I though I would mix it up a bit by adding some recipes and some cute diy gifts as well!

1. Hot Chocolate in a Jar
This gift is super easy, and cheap, which is perfect if you are on a budget!

All you will need is:
  • A Jar or a Mug
  • Ribbon 
  • Hot chocolate powder or hot chocolate sachets 
  • mini marshmellows 
  • celebrations or quality street or any other chocolates 
  • candy cane 

2. Gingerbread Stars
If you have been following my blogmas this month, then you would have already had seen the recipe for this, but if not I am going to leave the recipe here for you!

All you will need is:
  • butter 110g
  • 100g Sugar
  • 30g Brown sugar
  • golden syrup 
  • 180g of plain flour 
  • 130g of self raising flour
  • ginger
  • bicarbonate of soda 
  • icing 
  • decorations 
  • ribbon 
  • cellophane

3. The 'essentials' Box
This is a gift that I gave to my Dad last year, as I knew that all the products instead the box where products that he actually uses. Sometimes this is better than buying the gift sets already, as 1) they can be over priced and 2) they may actually not like the products nor use them 

Here are some ideas: (female/male)

  • deodrant  
  • shower gel 
  • body lotion 
  • shampoo 
  • conditioner 
  • gel / hairspray 
  • dry shampoo 
  • nail varnish 
  • hair bands / hair grips 
  • nail polish remover 
  • face wipes 
  • eye cream 
  • face wash / cleanser 
  • face mask 
  • moisturiser (body / face)

4. Cushion Cover
If you want to do something that is a bit more creative this year, then why that create a cute cushion cover. Personally, this works best if you have a sewing machine, but if you want a photo on it, then you go on a range of different websites and order one online 

5. Biscuit Box / Chocolate Box
Now this a great idea if you know that the person you are giving these to loves biscuits or chocolate, or you don't have a clue what to get them and are on a budget.

All you will need:
  • Box 
  • tissue paper 
  • ribbon 
  • cellophane 
  • a range of home made biscuits (gingerbread stars, shortbread, christmas trees,  melting snowman, cheese etc)
  • a range of chocolates (celebrations, their favourite chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate pine cones etc)
  • candy canes 
  • other sweets or even some fruit 

Love Alicia x

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