Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blogmas Day 16: Party Food and Christmas Snacks

Hi Guys and Welcome to Blogmas Day 16!

Today is day 3 of my christmas recipe week and todays recipe is based on the savoury snacks which can also double up as party food.

Sausage Rolls:
Homemade sausage rolls are always going to be better than shop brought sausage rolls, plus they are super simple to make.

All you will need:
- Half a block of puff pastry
- sausage meat (use as much or as little as you personally want)
- 1 egg

The 'How To' Part:

1) Pre heat the oven to 180. Then on a baking try you can either grease it with butter or just put a piece of baking paper on a baking tray.

2) Roll out the pastry till it is about the thickness of a 50p piece. The cut it length wise in stripes. The stripes should be about 10cm wide.

3) In the middle of each piece place sausage meat down the centre.

4) After wishing the egg, use the egg as a 'glue', and glaze down one edge of the pastry. Then fold the pastry over, to create a seal around the meat.

5) Cut up each roll, the rolls should be about 5cm long each. The place on a baking tray.

6) Cook for about 25- 30 minutes.

Love Alicia x

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