Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Jumpers!

Hi Guys and Welcome to Blogmas Day 10!

Even if you hate the idea of a christmas jumper or love them to pieces, you will probably still find yourself in one sometime near or on christmas day. Here I have picked out 16 christmas jumpers for people who love them to people who don't really want to wear one.

Boohoo always do some lovely christmas jumpers that especially if you are on a budget or only need a christmas jumper for work or an event and you don't want to be paying nearly £40 for one from ASOS, then Boohoo is your place.

My Picks:

If you are looking for a jumper with some writing on but nothing rude or that can be taken the wrong way, then New Look have some good ones for you. One of my favourites has 'Sparkle All The Way' in gold on the front. I have not included photos as they just went blurry, but if you want to check out my New Look picks then click here

I love DP's christmas jumper selection this year and it al started when I had to cover shift in DP a few weeks ago (I work in Burtons upstairs) and I was eyeing up the christmas jumpers from behind the till. My personal favourite is 'Express you Elf' as it is simple but has glitter on it and doesn't shut christmas in your face. To see more of my DP picks click here

ASOS is the place to go if you are looking on spending a bit more, and for the money you can get some lovely jumpers. My personal favourite is the jumper with the snowflakes all over it (okay it has three gold snowflakes but still) and it just looks so cosy. I have also picked out a few more, which you can check out here

Love Alicia x

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