Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 Wishlist and Bucketlist!

Hi Guys! 

I was originally going to do this post as a wishlist for beauty in 2016 but I want to do so much more in 2016 than just get more make up. I what to get so much out of 2016, I really hope that I can do as much as possible off this list! 

1. Go to America
2. Join at least one sports club at university 
3. Try and get an Internship 
4. Join more societies at University 
5.  Try and get a 2:1 in my first year of university 
6. Sort out where I want to go on my year abroad and apply
7. Go on a trip around Europe 
8. Get a Car 
9. Try and talk to more new people 
10. See Justin Bieber live 
11. Go to my first festival 
12. Go on my first rollercoaster 
13. Go to Ireland 
14. Finish reading all the Harry Potters 
15. Read at least 25 books 
16. Try out for cheerleading 
17. Change up my blog (the design and a different type of content) 
18. Sort out my make up collection and get proper storage for it 
19. Visit York 
20. Visit Brighton
21. Visit Scotland 
22. Volunteer for different charity events 
23. Apply for Camp America for 2017 
24. Speak up more 
25. Get fitter 
26. Make something 
27. Start a Diary and actually keep to it 
28. Do the colour run 
29. Learn a foreign language 
30. Go a whole day without using any technology

Love Alicia x 
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