Friday, 6 November 2015

What's In My University Bag?

A few months back - well actually it was probably able 6 or so months ago - I did a 'Whats in my School Bag?', and as I am no longer at school I have decided to re do it. This is not what is in my bag everyday, as I need different things for different lectures and classes. So I decided to pick a random day and take some pictures of what I was carrying around that day. I hope you enjoy! 

The bag of choice which I use everyday for uni, is from Zara. I do believe that it is the Office City Bag of something that like. What is really good about it, is that it has three pockets so I can carry everything around and separate different things off. If I am taking my laptop then my 13inch Macbook pro fits perfectly in there, so if any of you guys are looking for a bag that will be able to carry a small ish laptop, then this is a really great bag. 

At the back of the bag is where I keep my notebooks and diary. I tend to always carry a refill pad with me as my notes in lectures get so messy and it is so easy to just rip them out and put them in folders. I also carry around another notebook. This notebook has all my notes in from one of my modules as my lecturer pre records our lectures and then we do activities in class. Also at the back of the book I have some revision from one of my other modules. The diary is from John Lewis but I think you can get it in other places as well. I have never been a massive diary person, but now this travels everywhere with me. I like to totally plan out my day and make sure I have little tasks to do, just so I can keep on top of things. 

In the front part of the bag I just carry around a load of stuff. It is actually quite empty today as I used another bag at the weekend for work and have yet to transfer things back over to this bag. In here I am my student card, key for my room, lip balm, portable phone charger, highlighter and memory stick. There are normally tissues and plasters in the bottom of my bag as well. 

Also in that section I carry around my hairbrush, purse, pencil case, VS spray and a bottle of water.  I don't tend to have snacks in my bag as the max I am on campus for in one go is only two hours so I don't need to carry to much around with me. I also have earphones normally and my phone. 

Are any of you guys at university? or what do you carry in your bags? 

Love Alicia x

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