Monday, 23 November 2015

What has University Taught me so far? | University Edition

I have been at university now for nearly two months and in them 8 weeks I feel that university has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about being independent and stuff like that. So for todays post I thought that I would share with you guys the top 5 things that university has taught me so far.

1. People will steal your food
Admittedly no one has yet to steal any of my food in terms that I would eat it by its self, but someone has taken quite a bit of my butter. I was quite annoyed, but I know that my other flat mates have also experienced this as well and we think we known who it is. Trust me, living at uni is great until people touch the food. Hence, why I got a mini fridge, which I am not totally sure I am actually allowed but I will find out tomorrow as I have a room inspection

2. Laundry is expensive business
As my hometown is only like 25 minutes away from my university I don't tend to do as much of my laundry at uni as other people, but I have still done it three or four times. First of all it cost me £2 just to buy the laundry card and then it costs £2.70 for every wash after. I don't know how much the dryer is because I refuse to pay any more and I have space in my room to hand my wet washing up. On top of that when you want to top up, you have to top up online and the minimum you can put on is £5. This just annoys but hey, I have to wash my clothes.

3. University tests are totally different from A-Level tests.
So far I have had two in lecture tests which I have completed and I have one take home test which I am still doing and so far they have all been multiple choice. Yes, this may seem easy to some, but when the answers are all similar it is kinda hard to pick the correct answer. At a-level I don't even remember doing one multiple choice test or mock exam.

4. Buses are expensive
If I didn't work them I probably would not use the buses. However, I do work and I have brought a years bus pass which cost me nearly £150 and that is only because I got it in freshers week. If I didn't have a bus pass it would be costing me nearly £5 just to go into town and come back to my accommodation and its too far to walk. Also, if you don't get a bus you have to walk everywhere, unless you are lucky enough to have a car.

5. Non stop reading
I personally didn't think that a government course which mean so much reading, but oh boy was I wrong. The reading is worse when you are reading about the foundations of conservatism which was written in the 17th or 18th century and you don't really understand what the author is going on about.

6. They like to test fire alarms
At my accommodation I swear the fire alarm has gone off about 10 times in the last 6 days. Also, if they are not testing the fire alarm then someone has set of the fire alarm. Yes I am talking about last Tuesday night at 11pm when I was ready for bed, the wind was ridiculous and it was fucking freezing and we were all standing out side for probably nearly half an hour by the time they worked out how to actually turn off the fire alarm

7. The Kitchen will get messy and people will not clear up their mess
In terms of the kitchen getting messy it will happen especially when their are 7 people sharing it, but it will also smell as well. In terms of people not tidying their food up after cooking on the hob is one of the most annoying things, but you have to some how look over it

8. Wifi 
Wifi seems to be a bit of a problem. It like to go off, especially when you have an essay due in at 9:45am and have to use your 3G on your phone to get internet on your laptop. Oh the joys.

9.  There is always the one person who always asks annoying questions to the lecturer and you will hear basically the rest of the people in lecture do that silent huff. 
I can probably tell you the 3 people in every single one of my lectures who always ask questions and normally the questions they ask the lecturer has already answered.

10. You eating patterns and tastes will change 
Since starting university what I eat has changed and no I am not living off junk food and pizza. Actually I have only had one pizza and that was because I got it free at freshers fair. I also make sure I included at least three pieces of vegetables in my dinner, and snack on fruit throughout the day. I have also been drinking more water as well. See that every student lives of baked beans on toast.

Love Alicia x

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