Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Favourites!

Another month has pasted, which means another monthly favourites has appeared on my blog. This month has really been all about settling in to uni, so a lot of this months favourites are quite old favourites, except for some lifestyle bits.

1. Real Techniques Buffing Brush
So Ihave been after this brush now for quite a well and because I got a £60 gift voucher for Amazon (thank you HSBC - student account) I decided to treat myself to some new brushes. Now normally I just apple my foundation using my hands, however in the last couple of weeks I have been applying my everyday foundation with this brush and honestly it looks so much better. I did always used to apply my foundation with a brush but then I got bored, however I probably will not be going back after using this buffing brush.

2. Tiffany necklace
Oh how I love this Tiffany necklace. This have actually been a favoruite this I was given this necklace for my 18th Birthday (you can see my 18th birthday haul here if you want to take a look) and I have been wearing it every single day. I love this necklace and I love how simple, elegant and how pretty it looks. I dont always have it on show, sometimes I like to tuck it in and other times I like to have it out. If you are ooking or thinking about getting a Tiffany necklace I would defaintly say go for it, because they are really, really lovely.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Range
I think it was back in February/ March time when I did a mini review on The Body Shop Tee Trea range and I did say I didn't really know if I was going to really like it or not. However, after giving it about 6 months my verdict is, is that I love this range. I prefer to use the range in the morning as more of a wake me up, as I do find that the cleanser does not remove all my make up, but I really do like using it as something I can just reach for every morning. Also, it does not break me out.

4. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 
I finally brought into the hype and I can now understand the hype. Compared to the Body Shop Tea  tree range, I prefer to use this at night to remove all my make up and to make my skin feel a bit more normally after a long day. This product really does remove all your makeup (halloween, this was a god send) and it also does not break me out.

5. Sweet Potatos 
So I have been at university now for just over 5 weeks and I have eaten sweet potato for about 95% of all them days. I love them and plus they are so healthy as well. If you are looking for an alternative from pasta or normal potatos I would definatly recommed them. I buy mine from either Tesco or Marks & Spencers ( yes I know I am a student but they are the same price as Tescos) and they do about 6 in a bag for about £1.50 and they last me all week.

6. Dancing 
I have loved dancing since I was very young but I have finally got back into dancing again after having two and a bit years out, so thank you to the Dance society at my university.

Love Alicia x

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