Sunday, 25 October 2015

Instagram Round Up

Another couple of months have passed, which means another instagram round up, considering the last round up was back in July. So I have gone through my instagram from the last three months and picked out some of my favourites and some memories too. Enjoy!

Sometimes the sun does shine in England, like this Sunday in the middle of August!

I also decided to make Rocky Road.

It was also the Clacton Airshow, where he weather decided to be cold and grey and windy, but the Red Arrows still did their full display.

August bank holiday Monday consisted of university shopping in John Lewis and Next and then catching up with family. As it was raining the John Lewis cafe was packed but heres a photo of a pot of green tea and a yum yum!


The Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross was magical!

Afternoon tea was simply delicious, although very filling!

Costa Muffins are simply amazing!

More food, but this burger + sweet potato chips was truly amazing!

I officially started University and how cute is this!



So Dominos were giving out free pizza at the Freshers Fair.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions? America or Canada?

Love Alicia x

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