Friday, 4 September 2015


I have been looking for a decent eye cream now for a while and I have heard so many great reviews about GinZing eye cream by Origins that I thought 'Why Not?' and have decided to give it ago. I was actually using a sample sized eye cream from Sephora but when I looked to see how much it was (it was like £80) I was like 'I am not paying that', so I decided to go for this one instead. The eye cream cost me £18 (normal price £20) in the Feel Unique sale which I don't thing is too bad. 

Personally I don't stuffer from puffy eyes, but I do stuff from dullness and tired eyes that are often quite dry. I have noticed since using this eye cream that my under eye area is no longer dry and feels quite moisturised which is such a plus side. I have also noticed that my under eyes do seem to look a bit more brighter. So I guess this eye cream works. 

What eye cream do you use?

Love Alicia x 

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