Monday, 27 July 2015

Wishlist | Fashion

I have this thing with dresses, especially Missguided dresses. Missguided always do such a nice collection of dresses and I have never had a problem with quality from them. Now this wasn't going to be a dress wish list but it has kinda gone that way. I was just looking through my pinned photos for this post and everything was dresses except for some trousers, as I am in desperate need to get a pair of black trousers because I fail at owning a pair. Actually, I think the last pair of black trousers I owned was about 4 years ago for school. This wish list isn't necessary a summer wish list, it is more of a "I have browsed online and pinned stuff that I want' wish list. I hope you enjoy my picks.

The next part of this wish list is SHOES! You can never have too many shoes and I actually find it really hard when browsing online to find shoes that I like. I am quite fussy and I may see something online that I really like and then go to buy them or see them in store and hate them. Also, I really don't like plastic shoes, you know that ones that you can tell are made of plastic just by touching them. Yes, all the shoes on this wish list are black, but you can never go wrong with black. 

Love Alicia x

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