Saturday, 18 July 2015

Venice Haul!

Hi Guys! 

A few weeks ago I went to Italy and absolutely loved every second of being there. I have been to italy before and actually the same part and its just beautiful. So for todays post i thought I would do a little italy haul. It's basically the bits and bobs that I got out in Italy and also at the airport.

So the first two items come from Gatwick Airport. I knew I wanted a few things that I had been eyeing up for a while no. I really wanted a palette from MAC but they were all sold out, which was kinda annoying. So instead I decided to buy two MAC lipsticks due to them being slightly cheaper that £15.50. I got 'Twig' and 'Syrup', originally I only picked up syrup but then went back for twig. I prefer twig slightly more simply because it is more of a browny pick, whereas syrup almost looks like its just a gloss on the lips.

Next up is a mack from Venice. The last time I went I got a pink and gold mask and I knew I wanted to get another one but next in a different colour. So I got a blue and sliver one.

On the day before I came home, me and my parents went to Treviso and also went wine tasting. While we were in Treviso by accident I found the sephora. I wasn't even looking for it, I was actually looking for a shop that sold Daniel Wellington watched because the exchange rate was so good they were like £40 cheaper in the eurozone than what they are back at home. So in Sephora I picked up the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01, a Sephora Rouge Shine lipstick in 30 and the Sephora triple action cleansing water. I knew I wanted the lip stain and the cleansing water before I even knew there was a sephora were I was going but they were in my basket.

Due to the exchange rate being 1.41 I decided to buy myself a Pandora bracelet and charm. The bracelet was $59 euros which made it only £40, which saved me like £15. I also got a gondola charm as I was very near to Venice where I was staying and I had been on a gondola only two days before. It's almost like a reminder of my trip to Venice.

The last thing that I brought was a bracelet made from Murano glass, which is one of the islands in the lagoon that surrounds Venice.

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