Sunday, 19 July 2015

My 18th, London and a mini haul: A Photo Vlog

Hi Guys!

I mentioned in my 'What I Got for My Birthday' Post that I would be writing about what I did for my 18th. I wanted to try and create something similar to a Vlog but I don't have a Youtube and I don't have that type of confidence to do something like that. So instead this is like a photo vlog, okay so it's basically just a few photos. 

Saturday 4th July 2015:

My parents had booked up to see 'Wicked' in London. This had been a musical on my wish list for a while now. I had heard people saying how good it was and I can honestly see why people say that. For me it wasn't my favourite but I still think it was incredible. From the staging, to the costumes and to the singing. West End shows always have the class and do make you come out smiling from just watching them. 

Sunday 5th July 2015:

The day of my birthday, wooooooooooo!!! I actually stayed over night in a Premier Inn near Holborn, so quite close to Covent Garden and the main part of the West End. I LOVE Premier Inn breakfast, I don't know what it is about it but I just loved it and as it was my birthday I thought I would just have a cooked breakfast. Normally if I stay in a hotel I will just have baked beans and scrambled eggs and a croissant as I love croissants. The croissants in the hotel in Italy were like the best I had ever tasted, but the ones in the Premier Inn were nearly up there.

After opening my presents and having breakfast, we made our way to Oxford Street. I wanted to go to Selfridges as I hadn't been in their in a few years and I wanted to pick up another charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I picked up 'Amazing Grace' which is like a pinky coral colour, so I was thinking summery. 

We then headed to Regant Street where there was some sort of Garden Party thing going on, with singers and stalls etc, so they close the road off to traffic. The reason why we headed to Regant Street is because I wanted to go to the Jack Wills and Brandy Melville in Carnaby Street area. The Jack Wills down there is possible my favourite one. If I am in London I will also go to that one over the Covent Garden one. I was going to buy some boyfriend jeans in the sale but they didn't have my size, so I brought a pair of joggers in pink instead. I love their joggers, although I wish they were slightly longer. 

In Brandy Melville I picked up three tops that were not black. This is a first for me. I went for some colour by getting a all red one, a red and white one and a plain red top. 

We then headed back to the hotel to freshen up before going for a meal at Planet Hollywood. I had been their before and had the exact same meal as what I had before, which is the sizzling chicken wraps. They are very good. I also had my first legal drink which was some sort of cocktail.

After the meal, we went to Covent Garden and I walked past the Calvin Klein which had a massive photo of Justin Bieber outside and inside, they also had a sale on, so I went instead and brought a bra. It was in the sale and I wouldn't have brought it at full price and it was my birthday. 

That is mainly it, except for the train journey home which was just a mess. There was a problem on a line some where so there was only one train going back in which had people on that were going to a range of different locations, so it was packed. When the train went off it then kept stopping from quite a long time at different stations. Then when we did get off we had to change. Normally it is a direct train. So it took about an hour longer than it should have been. We were quite luckily as we got the station like 50 minutes before our train otherwise we would have missed the earlier train which we had to catch, otherwise we would have been waiting in london for like another 3 hours.

I hope you enjoyed this type of post.

Love Alicia xx 

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