Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Shoe Haul!

Hi Guys!

So over the past couple of weeks/ months I have kinda brought I few pairs of shoes from either online or in shops and I thought that it would be a good idea to show what I have brought. I was originally going to do a massive summer haul as I have brought quite a lot of clothes as well, especially for holiday, but instead I am going to do a Holiday Outfit Diary instead. There are some things that I have brought that I won't be taking away with me but some of that has been on OOTD on my instagram

I had been looking for a pair of suede trainers for a while, but I didn't want black or white or anything that everyone else had. These being pink are different from the trend. Plus, they just remind me of summer and look really nice with a very simply outfit. These look great with jeans and with shorts. I normally do wear a plain white top, simply so the trainers don't clash with what I am wearing. I believe these were £55, but I had student discount so I did get them slightly cheaper. 

Okay I really wanted another pair of sandals from Topshop which I had been lusting over for a couple of months but my local topshop and the topshop at Westfield Stratford didn't have them. So I decided to get these ones. I do believe they are leather, they are supper comfortable and they don't rub either. Also, I wouldn't say they are flat, they do have like a 2 inch heel, which slightly lifts and elongates the leg a bit more. I believe theses were £48. 

These sandals are really flat, but I needed a pair of sandals that I could wear through the day when I am on holiday. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the front strap is basically on my toes, where I would have preferred the strap to be past my toes. Apart from that they are really lovely sandals and from only £16, they are such great value especially for leather sandals as well. 

Okay so these are my second pair of the same shoe, because my old white converse are just not the same colour, they are basically a browny grey and thats after being washed. I didn't really want to go away with horrible old converse where the back has gone because I have worn them so much. I love my converse anyway, they just go with basically everything. 

New Vs. Old 

Love Alicia x 

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