Monday, 23 February 2015

Meeting Justin Bieber!

Hi Guys!

This is a ver special post which will probably be yearly.
Exactly two years ago something magical happened. Something happened that everyone said would never happen.


If anyone knows me personal I love Justin. I have supported him since before 'Baby' came out, so thats like 5 years ago. I probably say I became a Belieber in that summer. I know a lot of bloggers are all into their One Direction, but for me its all about the Biebs.

I just remember people telling me 'You will never met' blah blah blah. I wanted to prove people wrong. I had to prove people wrong plus I wanted to meet him.

While I am writing this post, exactly two years at 6pm I was on ticket master buying the ticket for the book signing. It didn't hit me straight anyway that I had actually got the ticket. I didn't officially hit me until I woke up on the saturday morning. I had to look amazing, his my idol he always looks amazing.

Me, my mum and my dad got on the train and headed to London. It was just past Tottenham Court Road tube and I remember thinking to my self like 'this is finally happening'.

The hardest part of the day was the queue. I think we queued for about and hour and a half or so. It wasn't because he was late it was just we were all early. When we were queuing inside they had 'BELIEVE' playing on the radio, everyone was singing. It was such a great atmosphere.

The security for WHSmiths were awful. They were like 'NO PHONES' 'NO PHOTOS' 'NO RECORDING', so I just hid my phone in my pocket and then when I went into the room just lifted up my top abit so the phone could record from my jeans pocket.

Honestly, the best part of the day was walking into that room. Seeing him. It finally hits you in the face that you are meeting your idol. Even writing about it now, two years later, still makes me want to cry with happiness.

All I remember is saying 'THANK YOU SO MUCH' and forgetting how to breath. I remember him smiling at me and saying 'have a nice' or 'you have a nice' but I don't know what he said after that. Which does make me sad.

After meeting him I waited outside of the building where my Dad was and my Dad just goes 'I saw him get out of the car, I recorded and we will stay until he comes out', which we did. When Justin came out it was just a huge scream of people or should I say girls (me included) and then his car stopped right in front of us and it was just perfect.

We had eye contact 

Take me back 

It's signed!

He is so perfect

This was before we had to start queuing inside the building 

After the signing.
I am going to leave the story here.

You can watch the video from the day here!

On the finally note, never give up on anything. Believe.

Love Alicia.

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