Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The MAC lipstick edit

Everyone loves a good MAC lipstick, I know I do. At the moment the collection is fairly small at only 5 lipsticks, but everyone has to start some where. 

From Left to Right: Pink Plaid, Brave, Pink Plaid (they are slightly different and have different numbers), Dare You, Lovelorn.

The newest lipstick to my collection is 'Dare You', this is straight out of my comfort zone and normally i would have gone for a nude or a light pink. However, this lipstick is perfect. The only problem is you need a good lip liner with it. For me I don't just apply the lipstick on to my lips straight away, I gradually build it using a lip brush so it doesn't look as heavy and gives it more of a finish. 

The next if the first of the pink plaids. I originally brought this lipstick in around may 2013 because I wanted a MAC lipstick for prom. However, this lipstick has been my rock. Look, its nearly finished. I did get another which appears later in this post but the shade is slightly different even though its the same colour. This one is AC2.

This one appeared on my 2014 favourites. My new go to lipstick, in Brave. Its a favourite and I love it. The only think is, it can be quite drying and I get really chapped lips during the winter so not so good at the moment. 

This was my first ever MAC lipstick. Okay, I haven't worn it in a while but Lovelorn does come out in some special occasions. It's a lovely silky texture and is not to heavy. 

The second of the Pink Plaids, I believe I brought this at the end of 2013. I wore this basically everyday for a couple of months. It is very similar to the original, it is a it darker but only slightly, still basically the same colour.

So what do they look like?

Top to Bottom: Pink Plaid (new), Brave, Pink Plaid (old), Dare You, Lovelorn 

Love Alicia x 

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