Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Little Beauty Haul

So the other night I was just browsing the internet and I thought to myself 'I have worked a hell of a lot over christmas, I have just finished a paper round after nearly 3 YEARS! I want some make up'. So I then headed to the wonderful website of Selfridges, but I was not going to pay nearly £5 for postage.

Then I headed off to the wonderful world of CHARLOTTE TILBURY….

Just look at how beautiful the packaging is…

For a while now I have wanted this gorgeous lipstick. I have heard so much rave and hype over their lipsticks so I went out and brought one. At the price of £23 it is my first over £20 lipstick, as all my others are MAC or drugstore versions.

Perfect packaging: Check
The gorgeous 'Bond Girl'

I am well and truly in love with this lipstick. It really is the perfect day or night colour. I only had to top it up once and that was after I had eaten an orange but apart from that the colour stays. As a 'matte' it glided on really lovely.

Also, very expressed with delivery.

The second and final stop of my internet shopping was Debenhams. I like debenhams, they give you free delivery over £30 and who spent £30 exactly, this girl.


I have the MAC lipstick in Dare You and I was gong to go and by a drug store alternative to the apparent lipliner that goes with it. This lipliner in question is Cherry.


This little and highly perfect little box was on my 2015 wishlist: Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. I have wanted a Bobbi Brown product now for years and I was very excited to put this in my online basket and order it. I'm just in love. I was going to get one of their eye palette sets but I stuck with one for £17. Now looking back I have just spent £17 on one eye shadow, oops. I did really want it. Plus my nearest two debenhams do not sell Bobbi Brown so I had to get it online.

Love Alicia x
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