Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Day through my iPhone camera!

So yesterday it was my mums birthday and I have always have Tuesdays off of sixth form so we took a little trip to Westfield Stratford City. Also, because it was my Dad's on the 25th we also went to the London Transport museum, which was actually really good. 

Here's the day through photos! 

10:21 am - Jacket, bag and scarf

10:48 am - The station 

11:42 am - Ticket 

13:09 pm - As I am 17, I was classed as a child!

13:13 pm - Lattes and Muffins 

13:28 pm - Quotes

13:31 pm - I just really liked this. 

14:22 pm - Grey Covent Garden and somewhat very quite

14:23 pm - Theres always some one trying to entertain the tourists and day trippers and locals. 

14:34 pm - Jack Wills

14:42 pm - Walking back to Holborn tube 

14:47 pm - Walking and I spy underground sign

17:16 pm - Pizza Express 

17:31 pm - Because my pizza is better than yours 

18:01 pm  - Honeycomb slice 

18:40 pm - A quite westfield 

19:02 pm - time to go and catch a train 

19:09 pm - So a train went through and I thought it looked cool 

19:10 pm - The ipswich and southend trains were before

21:01 pm - Oops! 

So how was your day?

Love Alicia x
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